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What The Cat Club Cattery Is!

The Cat Club Cattery consists of spacious duplex penthouse units. The sleeping quarters can take two to three cats very comfortably. Each unit provides heated, cozy accommodation and allows privacy. The outlook for our guests is interesting, the fields surrounding the cattery are full of wildlife. The cattery is designed to allow us to personally inspect and engage with our V.I.C.'s (Very Important Cats!) through out the day.Cattery, cattery Dublin,

Food: We stock Whiskas and Go-Cat Dry food and Felix and Whiskas pouches. If special diets are required they should be supplied along with any specific feeding instructions e.g. Science Plan, Science plan light, Royal Canin. We do not offer discounted rates if your own food is supplied.at our cattery kildare

Bedding: Cat's like familiarity so we encourage you to bring your own bedding, if your cat doesn't have its own favorite bed or blanket we have a range of comfy cat bed's, blankets.

Litter tray's and feeding bowls: We have an assortment of litter box's and tray's to suit both adult cat's and kittens also variety's of litter so no need to bring these with you. in our cattery kildare

Toy's: You are welcome to bring your cat's favorite toy's and scratching posts for the duration of their stay, and if you don't have any we have some they can use during their stay. Kildare

Take the stress out of travel. Enjoy your holiday knowing that your Cat is in comfortable surroundings in our Cats only Cattery.


All cats are to be fully immunized prior to boarding and proof of vaccination must be shown upon admission.


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