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Moving Home With Your Cat!

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It can be a stressful time moving home; imagine what it’s like for your cat!

Here are some basic rules for introducing your cat to their new home:

  • After the cat is home 2/3 days after the initial move, introduce your cat to the house a room a day. Otherwise your cat may become overwhelmed and decide to find new staff! *
  • An outdoor cat should only be introduced to its new outdoor surroundings after 2/3 weeks.
  • On its first few visits, you should accompany your cat on each outing to keep an eye on where they go and spot any places your cat could hide in.
  • This might sound disgusting but don’t wash out the litter tray for a few days, of course clean out the tray with a scoop, but leave the scent in the tray so the cat can recognise its odour and there will be no unwanted accidents.
  • Sprinkle used litter in the garden. This is a great way to put their sent in the garden, and if you use biodegradable litter you won’t have to clean it up and your cat will settle in quickly.
  • Return to your normal feeding routine as quick as possible, unpacking and getting sorted can make you forgetful.
  • Also don’t forget to find out where your nearest boarding cattery and vet's practice is ... sometimes we forget the basics so don’t worry too much if your cat takes time to get used to a new vet.

If you are worried about how your house move will affect your cat, consider boarding your cat from the removal date until the unpacking is done and you can then spend time adjusting your cat to its new environment. If you do decide to board, you can bring all your cat’s belongings to settle him/her in and a good cattery will of course accommodate you if you want to bring scratching posts, litter trays and feeding bowls.

A good cattery will always take time to give your pet reassurance with routine and grooming to make your transition smooth!

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