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Welcome To The Cat Club Cattery Kildare

We are an established Boarding Cattery in Kildare. Our cattery offers peace of mind for you, and cozy comfort for your cat. The care and well-being of your cat is our only objective. We are located in beautiful scenic countryside; it's the perfect holiday for your cat, when your away your cats can play!

Our boarding cattery offers spacious and secure accommodation for your cat. Our family run cattery provides each cat with plenty of attention and interaction. We only board cats, so when your cats are with us they don't have to deal with dog noises or disturbance. cattery kildare

City Cats and country cats alike will love our boarding cattery as they feel safe and secure from the comfort of their indoor accommodation and enjoy full views of the landscape that surrounds them.

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As in all good catteries an up-to-date vaccination certificate/card is required on your pets arrival, there is no exception, this policy is in place for your cat's health. We also ask each owner to make sure that each cat that visits has received flea and worm treatments before entering our cattery premises. No cat will be admitted if it appears to be suffering from an infectious illness i.e. sore eye's, sneezing, coughing.Kildare cattery

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General Information

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